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Treatment in corneal diseases

About us

CORNEA_project is a company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of solutions and treatments for corneal eye diseases. The cornea is the main surface of the eye, with the most dioptric power of the ocular system and of vital importance in the quality of vision of the images. Small variations in the corneal surface cause large changes in the quality of vision of patients. Our goal is to ensure corneal integrity, develop and offer the best tools for prevention, diagnosis and possible treatments for each pathology, improving the quality of life of patients.


Our Vision: To be leaders in ophthalmological innovation and the world reference for professionals in search of solutions, products and services aimed at preserving the vision and well-being of their patients.

Mission: To promote our clients success with solutions adapted to their needs and those of their patients, provide community wellbeing and development, generate knowledge, exceed the financial and growth objectives of our shareholders and facilitate the development of our collaborators.


CORNEA_project relies on a profound experience in the Ophthalmology sector and in particular, on the complexity of corneal surgery.



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